Drivers will hear a “fast” approach, even though the loud music playing

Posted By on January 18, 2017

Trucks sirens ambulance and rescue vehicles set loud enough to even being far drivers can hear them and give way in time. However, some drivers have a habit to include music at full volume, and they enjoy it peals, being blissfully unaware that hinder the movement of ambulances.2

In a situation where on the timely arrival of medical professionals depend on a person’s life, and every second counts, this behavior can lead to trouble.
Students of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have developed a technology, which will be equipped with ambulances in Sweden. With its help, you can stop the music in moving cars nearby and alert voice (via FM-tuner with Radio Data System (RDS)) on the approximation of “fast” that drivers could just “snuggle” side of the road, behind her the way. In addition, a text warning is displayed on the display of the dashboard in the car on the approximation of “emergency”.1

“Drivers often have only a few seconds to react and give way to emergency vehicles, – says Michael Erneberg, one of the creators of the system, dubbed EVAM System. – Optimum warning time is 10 to 15 seconds. ”
Project students will be tested on special machines in Sweden in the first quarter of 2017.


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