The charger Flat Attack runs on batteries

Posted By on July 11, 2016

flatModern smartphones and tablets, of course, are all good, but not the duration of the work. Most mobile gadgets have to be charged every day, and many of their owners have long had familiar and common ritual: put the device on charge overnight.
Australian Anthony peacock presented another solution to this problem – the charger Flat Attack, which runs on standard AA batteries. Unlike other chargers, which are quickly drained, Flat Attack can work for a longer time.

A former firefighter peacock knows firsthand about the need to have a working smartphone and a charger that will save the mobile gadget in an emergency situation. Flat Attack copes with this task – after all, the gadget is powered by AA batteries or accumulators of similar standard.
Flat Attack connects to smartphones and tablets via microUSB port, which is suitable for most devices, particularly for devices running the operating system Android. For iOS gadgets, additional adapters. The charger discharged the gadget provides around hours of talktime and about five hours of functioning in standby mode – all from a single battery.

flat2Initially, the Creator of Flat Attack attempted to raise funds for manufacture of his invention on the website Kickstarter, but the attempt was not successful. He decided again to try his luck on another well-known crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, however, despite this, the production of Flat Attack is already ongoing. Retail-battery charger along with AA elements will appear in February of 2015, it will cost about 23 Australian dollars.


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