Two in one: a computer in the mouse Mouse-Box

Posted By on July 9, 2016

mouseInventors from Poland invented the original personal computer Mouse-Box – the computer that is inside the mouse. Unusual, simple and tasteful. The creators of the gadget are sure that the device is “an incredible combination of the two most important components of the personal computer” will become a beautiful alternative to the office or home PC.

Gadget Mouse-Box will become full and quite efficient computer inside a computer mouse. Yet the motherboard of the future device has not yet acquired its final form – now there is a fundraiser for the creation of a prototype Mouse-Box, but something about the characteristics of the gadget two in one already known.

So, the PC mouse will be implemented Quad-core processor micro architecture ARM, the drive capacity of 128 GB, motion sensors, Wi-Fi module, accelerometer, gyroscope, USB 3.0 ports and HDMI. RAM is not specified. The authors of the original startup explain that the only additional device that you will need to operate the Mouse-Box is a monitor. Not very clear what will happen with the keyboard, but the official presentation of the mouse-computer things should become clearer.

mouse2Charging Mouse-Box also planned a very interesting way – it will use an induction charger or mouse pad. Thus, it appears that the original computer will always be charged – unless, of course, the user will keep the gadget on the mouse pad.

The implementation of the project Mouse-Box has been possible thanks to the rapid development of modern technology. Who would have thought a few years ago that the body from under the mouse, you can put a full-fledged powerful computer, but externally, the gadget is completely different from an ordinary computer mouse.

Meanwhile, the developers of the Mouse-Box are recommended to use the device in cases where a full-sized system unit or laptop is unavailable or inappropriate, but urgently need access to personal data and applications.


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