“Smart” running shoes Altra Halo will learn how to run

Posted By on July 8, 2016

shoesProperly run, however, as to walk properly, can not everyone. It would seem that running is the usual way to travel since childhood, what’s there to learn? However, athletes and runners know that the correct formulation of the foot itself running technique is very important. If you’re used to running just a couple of kilometers, and, for example, land on the heel, you don’t have too be bothered by the little things. But if you are going to run marathons this way – this can lead to serious problems with your feet, until the broken foot.

Running technique it is possible to study from a coach or instructor, however, if you do not want to spend the time and money, you can purchase a “smart” running shoes Altra Halo.

running shoesIn smart running shoes Altra Halo has built-in sensors, by which information about the features of the gait or stride of the user is transmitted to the smartphone or smart watch iFit. This is not the usual sensors found in most modern devices which measure the speed or distance sensors in Altra Halo calculate the force in which the leg falls to the ground, determine the rhythm of running, and misleading features of setting foot on the surface. In addition, the soles of sneakers is a thin sensor that will facilitate proper and secure placing of the feet while running and also help to build a correct running technique.

All information obtained by the sensors and sensors in smart sneakers, is then in a special application where it is processed and analyzed in real-time. Due to this, you will be able to learn how to run while Jogging, following the advice of the application. Well, or be able to relearn – if you have already put a foot wrong. By the way, with the Altra Halo you will be able to learn not only to run, but to walk properly, including sports and walking.


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