Reading of a self-destructing book

Posted By on July 8, 2016

bookIf you are tired of the conventional way of reading books and want to try something new, to experience the unusual thrill, try to risk his life to read one book. The famous American writer, author of many bestsellers in the genre of Thriller and detective, James Patterson has written action-Packed novel Private Vegas. This work, of course, you can buy and the usual boring and unremarkable way, but you can buy a copy of the book, on the interpretation which is given only 24 hours, after which it will be destroyed.

It is provided the release of thousands of paper versions of self-destructing book Private Vegas. Read each page is going to disappear immediately after turning, in addition, an electronic copy is also provided with a digital map, where readers will be able to track the progress of reading the book in real time – and your fellow “sufferers”. Countdown 24 hours prior to the destruction of Private Vegas will go from the moment you read the first page of the novel. While the electronic version will simply disappear from your reader with a paper book it’s much more interesting and more dangerous – by the end of the day it will explode.

book2It costs 294 038$. For the money in addition to the paper books with digital countdown timer reader receives rent rooms in a luxury hotel – in the peace and quiet to read your threat instance, and the services of professional engineers who will deal with the book as soon as the time will come to an end – that is, explode it. In addition, after reading Private Vegas You’ll be able to fly on a private jet to the city where he lives James Patterson, and five-course dinner to discuss their impressions of the novel and ask all your questions. Also the reader will get the complete series of detectives about Alex Cross (one of the most famous characters in the works Patterson) autographed and gold-plated binoculars with the author’s initials. When buying desperate to read will have to sign papers renouncing claims in case if anything happens.


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