The spray «Sprayable Sleep» will help you sleep

Posted By on July 7, 2016

sprayThose who have ever suffered from insomnia knows what it’s like to lie there with my eyes closed, counting sheep or any other animals, hoping that will be here long-awaited sleep. Dreary condition the next morning after lack of sleep causes a person to seek all kinds of means to such sleepless nights were not repeated. Well, if a night without sleep for You are not uncommon and You are suffering with a disease called insomnia, there could be no assistance is necessary.

Official and traditional medicine offers a variety of options for treatment of insomnia, however, the wonder drug that helps to sleep, always continue to appear. On the website Indiegogo is collecting funds for “sleeping spray” Sprayable Sleep (sleep aerosol). The makers of this drug claim that after the application of any person will be able to sleep for hours.

Sprayable Sleep is a melatonin spray (consisting of only melatonin, ticotin and distilled water) that you spray in the neck only twice. After that, the user of the spray can fall asleep within one hour. On the website Indiegogo reported that the drug is certified, tested, is harmless, contains no calories and is not addictive – unlike many side effects of different pills.

spray2The principle of operation of Sprayable Sleep is simple – a slight increase in the number of the hormone melatonin. This hormone is produced in the human body during sleep, and it regulates sleep/Wake. Because of the permanent stress, violation of the mode of use of electronics and other factors melatonin may slow, and therefore this hormone must be replenished artificially.

On average, to fall asleep a person needs 0.03 mg of melatonin. However, many sleeping pills contain dosages of this hormone, are larger than the specified value many times, so people taking such medications may experience symptoms similar to a hangover, and eventually bring down the sleep mode.

Meanwhile, spray Sprayable Sleep works differently. Active substances of this spray accumulate in the body gradually, mimicking natural melanin production process. Then, the user Sprayable Sleep will be able to fall asleep quickly and easily.


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