The ID keyboard will take care of data security

Posted By on July 7, 2016

keyboardToo much depends on the security of the information, so always different ways for more reliable data storage are being developed almost every day.

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology presented their vision of solving the security problem: an innovative keyboard that can recognize the user by way of text input.

The purpose of this keyboard is the identification of a user without a password, which is known to steal, hack, or just to pick up. Thus, it appears that the instantaneous determination of a user according to the degree of pressing of the keys will definitely be more reliable.

When you create a device scientists relied on studies showing that each person has individual features of character input from the keyboard. As soon as the user starts typing text, the keyboard using special software then determines who sits at a computer and will provide or will not provide access to the data.

keyboard2This technology became possible due to the four layers of transparent film: two layers of indium oxide and tin, which are a kind of electrodes separated by a layer of PET plastic. The top layer consists of versatile-propylene. With film keyboard will be able to determine not only the fact that a key is pressed, but the pressure on the button. Using the count of the number and extent of keystrokes the user can be identified.

In addition to security, new keyboard, there is another interesting feature – no external power for operation. This is due to the special top layer that is installed on the keyboard, which generate the required for operation of the energy device while pressing buttons. This energy is sufficient not only for Autonomous operation of the keyboard, but for the impact of the gadget with the computer via Bluetooth.
The keyboard is devoid of the classic moving parts, and it is rather a plus than a minus, because such technology will allow it longer to work. Additional coating of transparent film – is also a significant plus, because inside the device will not enter the dust and debris, and if you spill on a keyboard the liquid, the gadget will not have to pay the repair will have to just use cloth.



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