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Posted By on July 7, 2016

cardTo get a discount card is pleasant for any buyer. Regardless of the size of the discount everyone will like to pay one hundred percent of the cost of any purchase, as much or not as much as I would like, smaller. And when those loyalty cards a lot and the buyer has the opportunity to save money – and do good.

But the trouble is, if you have at least twenty different discount cards, their use becomes a problem. Need to come up with some place to store all these cards, also, they are advisable to have with you – and I need to be. All this, of course, creates certain inconveniences. However, the solution to such problems was found, and it is in the electronic gadget Card project, which started in Russia, USA, France and China.

To use the gadget (Card), you only need to add all your existing loyalty cards to the application (works for mobile devices with iOS and Android). Now to buy discounted products, you only need a map Card and a smartphone.

card2The process of using it as follows: you must select the card you want, click the application on your smartphone to “Pass” and give your e-card Card to the cashier. In just a few seconds all the information from your loyalty cards, are recorded in the application, reproduced on the device (Card) via Bluetooth Low Energy. At the same time on the front of the card will show the name recorded discounts or bar code for the appropriate type of discount cards.

Electronic gadget it allows you to share discount cards with your friends. In the application you can share discount cards with just one tap: ask for another card, use it, and after 24 hours she will return to the owner.
You can obtain new loyalty cards from partner companies that support the possibility of a “virtual discount”, right in the application.
To share information about the sale or to best buy with friends? With the Card nothing could be simpler – the application supports such a function.
In the future with the help of the gadget It You can not only enjoy discounts, but also to pay. The ability to securely digitize Bank cards and pay them by using e-cards will appear in the application updates it very soon.


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