Vision glasses will turn into sun glasses for a couple of seconds

Posted By on July 6, 2016

glassesPeople who have to wear glasses due to the lack of the ability to use the lenses or make a correction (which actually is not uncommon), are forced to face a lot of inconvenience associated with glasses. This constant fogging of the lens due to rapid temperature change, and always rubbing the frame, and the need to purchase special plug-in or pair of glasses with slightly tinted lenses or with photo chromic lenses in case of Sunny weather.

One of the problems of “four-eyes” took to solve the American researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology. They developed a prototype of glasses that are able to instantly turn on the “sunglasses”.

Unlike expensive photo chromic lenses (“chameleon”) that due to the content in the glass molecules of silver halides are darker when exposed to sunlight for several minutes, the new lenses can darken and become transparent again instantly by pressing a button. Scientists have invented the newest technology of glass, which contain electro chromic polymers, not reacting to ultraviolet radiation, and electric current.

glasses2A mixture of polymers of various shades of yellow, orange, blue and blue – gives overall darkening lenses of brown colour, which can block up to 70% sunlight. Moreover, the possibility of combining polymers: You can experiment with the shade to create a comfortable environment specifically for you.

Technology, of course, excellent, but the developers do not explain such an important time, as the power source for the button, able to change lens. If there is a mechanism, therefore, must be battery, even tiny enough to fit on the rim. However, for most “four-eyes” minor inconvenience associated with batteries for lenses, it may be a mere trifle in comparison with the ability not to blink and do not shed tears when you suddenly looked out the sun.


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