Scientists will make a battery out of a man

Posted By on July 6, 2016

batteryThe battery of the future is a tiny (just the size of a postage stamp) is a flexible device. The secret is the unique battery is a special surface: gold film thickness of 50 nanometers, which is a silicon coating, and a large number of microscopic protrusions made of silicone rubber. It turns out that a silicon surface facing the wearable device and another side – to the skin.

Thus, by the protrusions (the more, the more effective the device) increases the surface area which comes into contact with the skin, which increases not only the friction but also the amount of generated electric power, respectively. This happens, by the way, due to the turboelectric effect, which occurs when two surfaces are in close contact with each other.

When testing the invention of the battery was placed in the zone of the forearm, and a simple grip of the fist managed to get the voltage of 7.3 Volts. 7,5 Volt, you can get through a normal conversation – at this time, the device attached to her throat. Well, if the device is to hit with a finger, the voltage rises to 90 Volts, which is sufficient for the operation of several led bulbs.

Due to the extremely small size of the battery, it can be mounted even to a small wearable devices – most importantly, that the desired side is in contact with the skin. The inventors planned to make the device more flexible, whereby it will be possible to create batteries of different sizes with respect outlines of the human body.


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