«Google» is developing a wristband that can detect cancer cells

Posted By on July 6, 2016

googleCancer is one of the most dangerous afflictions of humanity, and many scientists and researchers have long engaged in the creation of medications that can defeat cancer. However, the problem of cancer diagnostics is also the subject of many studies.

The fact that oncologists are warning that cancer detection at an early stage significantly increases the chances of a quick and not too unpleasant recovery. Meanwhile, methods of diagnosis of cancer cells in the early stages there is a lot, and recently, Google announced yet another development.

A top-secret branch of Google lab Google X (the unit exists over those years) working on a “smart” wristband that can detect and diagnose cancer cells at an early stage. The main difference bracelet from other similar devices and inventions is that blood work for tumor markers at the same time do not have to.

google2To smart bracelet started, the user wearing the gadget on your wrist, you need to take a pill, which contains special nanoparticles. Inside the body of the nanoparticles will be engaged in the detection of cancer cells that are in the human body, after which little helpers are attached to the surface of the particles and begin to glow. Together with the cells, the nanoparticles will circulate in the body, and the bracelet due to the built-in powerful magnet to collect all these particles, respectively, and the cancer cells too – in one place. With the help of optical sensors available in a smart bracelet, the luminescence of the nanoparticles is read, then the gadget indicates danger.

When creating a “smart” bracelet, the Google X team had to face several difficulties. For testing the device experts had to develop artificial skin, as well as to enlist the help of 175 volunteers with different skin characteristics. Created special arms, which consisted partly of artificial leather, and partly from the skin of donors is needed to determine the “bandwidth” of the skin.

Although Google X and stated that he achieved success, when you create a wristband that can detect cancer cells, nothing specific on the device name, the timing of the release of the gadget, not the prototype, and the more information about the beginning of sales and cost of bracelet, yet it is not informed.


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