The flash drive Encrypted USB Flash Drive from “Toshiba”

Posted By on July 5, 2016

toshibaThe flash card is still one of the most common ways to store data. The most unpleasant that can happen to a USB flash drive on which recorded important information is her loss, or theft of data. Many companies offer a variety of solutions to this problem: backups, AutoSave to cloud storage, data encryption and so on. The company “Toshiba” went the other way and created a USB flash drive Encrypted USB Flash Drive is a storage device that has a physical mini-keyboard.

The gadget Encrypted USB Flash Drive has buttons from 0 to 9, key lock, icons, and three LEDs to indicate the status of access. Information is protected through 256-bit AES encryption. The body of the device black color is made of durable aluminum and conforms to the requirements of the standard IP57. Streaming read and writes performance of up to 27 and 24 MB/s, data transfer is through USB 2.0 interface.

toshiba2To use flash drive Encrypted USB Flash Drive the user needs to install the invented digital pin, then you can load the data and use a USB drive. Once the flash drive is pulled out from the USB port, the protection device is automatically activated. To access the data stored on the device, you must enter the PIN code, after which you can insert the flash drive into the USB port and enjoy it. The access status of the gadget is determined by using LEDs. If the PIN code is entered incorrectly ten times, all data on the device will be automatically removed.

Flash drive Encrypted USB Flash Drive is available in four variants: 4, 8, 16 and 32 gigabytes. By the way, the gadget is certified for use in state and government institutions. The cost of Encrypted USB Flash Drive 4GB is 95 USD 8 GB – $ 112, 16GB – $ 140 32GB – $ 200.


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