“Corning” has offered a great alternative to Gorilla Glass

Posted By on July 5, 2016

glassThe manufacturer of high resistance glass to shocks Gorilla Glass – the company “Corning” – represented a cheap alternative to this coating, called Project Phire. The President of Corning James Clappin showed the invention at a meeting with investors.

Now Gorilla glass which is three times stronger than chemically treated soda-lime glass (also called sapphire), is used to cover a variety of mobile devices, including top-end luxury smartphones and tablets, as well as hours. With excellent characteristics of Gorilla Glass, this glass makes the device more expensive than the gadgets made use of any other coverage. Despite this, during its existence of protective glass Gorilla glass of different generations (there are four) has been used in the manufacture of more than three million different gadgets.

glass2However, Gorilla Glass 4, which can withstand a drop the device is pretty easy to scratch, and the sapphire glass is just scratch resistant – has a low impact resistance. The company “Corning” said the Union of all the strengths of the above coatings, which are embodied in Project Phire. This material combines the best properties of the sapphire coating and impact-resistant glass Gorilla Glass: material Project Phire scratch-resistant as sapphire glass, and its durability is equal to Gorilla Glass. In addition, the cost of Project Phire will be lower than with other coatings for gadgets.


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