Glassouse – a control device for the cursor via head movements

Posted By on May 10, 2016

glassouse-by-CEBAThe new device, in the future, can compete with traditional mice, if not to replace them. With the creation of the first prototype, a young engineer Mehmet Nemo was inspired by his friends with disabilities who can not use a computer in the majority of the usual ways. After receiving positive feedback from the first test users of Glassouse, Mehmet and the team that are working on glasses, decided to run on Indiegogo a campaign to raise funds and bring the invention to mind.
The principle is simple: the glasses track the movement of the user’s head by moving the pointer across the screen, and the part of the device, located at the mouth, is an analog button, which can be used to “click” on the object or hover. To drag an object, lightly enough to bite it with your teeth. During the tests, “button” has withstood more than 50 thousand clicks and continued to regularly perform its functions. The resulting information from sensors Glassouse immediately transmits via Bluetooth to a PC, tablet or smartphone.assistive-glassouse-device-4
Already Glassouse supports most devices running on Windows, Linux, Android, works correctly with Apple products, and even TVs.
The glasses weigh only about 50 grams, on a single charge; they can work up to 15 hours. Easy and convenient, easy-to -use device is not too expensive – the first 100 copies will cost customers just $149, but will have to pay for shipping another $30. After the first 100 people will buy Glassouse, the price for them will grow exactly twice.Tobii-GlassOuse-cover-696x392
Nevertheless, developers are hoping to reduce the final price due contributions to Indiegogo and reported that they themselves would want to sell this device for about $70.
The controller has been in development for a long time, but the fund-raising campaign continues. At the time of writing this post from the needed $10 000 was collected $3532.