Tough book CF-D1 mk3 – « pill” ruggedized from Panasonic

Posted By on April 27, 2016

It is known that Panasonic has improved unkilled tablet Tough book CF-D1. The model number of the machine is mk3.
The company has tried to glory. Specifications markedly changed. Now 13.3 – inch device works without charge 12 hours. A decent result.
The device is equipped with IPS- screen TV and a 2 -core Intel i5- 6300U processor (Skylake). It operates chip with a clock speed of up to 3000 GHz.
The display resolution is 1366 by 768 pixels, Brightness – 400 cd/m2. Graphics Accelerator built – Intel HD Graphics 520.118

Gadgets are not afraid of falling from a height of 90 cm, as well as moisture and dust. Novelty can be used with gloves. The real find for builders and people involved in the production.

There are 4 GB of RAM, USB 2.0, hard disk of 500 GB, Bluetooth 4.1, Camera 5 MP, USB 3.0, operating system Windows 10 Pro and Wi-Fi 802.11as.

Price is 2650 Euros.