Five most anticipated smartphones in 2016

Posted By on April 27, 2016

112Asus ZenFone 3

The ZenFone range 3 will almost certainly consist of smartphones for different wallets. The manufacturer has prepared for the replenishment of the series and top models. Representatives of the flagship ZenFone 2 this year offered attractive features (including 4 GB of RAM) at a fairly low price ($400), so we expect the same from upcoming flagship ZenFone 3. The leader of the new ZenFone series will be able to demonstrate the fingerprint scanner (made by Elan Microelectronics and Goodix) and port USB Type-C, but not everything is known about the new products. Because ZenFone 2 announced at CES this year, perhaps, ZenFone 3 will perform in all its glory at CES 2016 in early January. It is unlikely that the new Asus ZenFone 3 will get a QHD display and Snapdragon 820, but the company’s management is much more important to give fans an affordable smartphone with acceptable specs.



113HTC One M10

Currently there are no details about HTC One M10 unlike the tide of leaks before the announcement One M9 and One M8. The smartphone must announce during the MWC or next — so there is a chance to see Taiwanese flagship in February. One M9 is not too different from the M8, so HTC has all the features to create a new flagship out of metal that would be different from its predecessors. HTC, by the way, has already launched One X9, but the device doesn’t seem much to break out of its range, which doesn’t offer some interesting pieces. It is possible that the company equips the HTC One M10 wireless charging and the most advanced features. Many flagships are moving to QHD displays, including One M9+, so there is a good chance to capture more colorful HTC One M10.


114OnePlus 3

OnePlus 2 announced in July of 2015, showing the world that Chinese companies can create miracles and can do what seems impossible. The manufacturer continues its strategy of start a powerful product for the price of the smartphone middle class. But the third generation, of course, must become even more extreme, not just to meet the competitors, but also stereotypes.
The next flagship, again, the promise of Snapdragon 820, the USB type C port, NFC, a technology of rapid and wireless charging, improved fingerprint scanner, QHD screen, longer battery life and a slot for microSD. In addition, fans hope that the OnePlus 3 will contain even less problems and lag.




115Microsoft Lumia 1050

The representative flagship Lumia, as before, is expected by the fans of the mobile platform Windows. In her world again must be a shock. One of the following devices will get the Qualcomm 820 and 128 GB of internal storage along with MicroSD card support. Like last year, it remains only to believe what the next one will be born with a massive 50-Megapixel sensor with variable aperture and zoom lens. Undoubtedly, the picture will complement optical image stabilizer and laser autofocus.




116Nexus 2016

Google pleased with the work of Huawei Company for example Nexus 6P. According to rumors, the Chinese manufacturer has already taken place to make another Nexus-new product in 2016. This information came from industry analyst Pan Jiutang, the head of scientific research of the Institute of electronics in Shenzhen. He previously predicted a few details Nexus 6P. He also says that the new device will be equipped with Snapdragon processor 820, like almost any other flagship phone in 2016, and Huawei will again be to prepare a model of top-class. This is very plausible: 6P Nexus was well received in the market, and Google has no compelling reason to look for other partners. Since the program began in Nexus 2010, Nexus devices were developed HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola, but warm relations appeared between Google and LG, they are especially friendly. The companies have joined forces to release three Nexus phones.