Xiaomi Mi TV 3: 4K for budget

Posted By on February 28, 2016

We do not know what to call it device. TV? Yes, and so did he. Console? Well, if you pull the ears, and the console on Android. Gadget? Yes, I think that word describes this device the most.

4K-panel, which costs $ 800? No wonder. Even less can be found. But not in the 60-inch diagonal and without the support of Android. What is so good Mi TV 3 that dreaming about it plenty of geeks?


The main feature of the Xiaomi Mi TV 3 – lack of a “brain” in the panel itself. By purchasing a 4K-display impressive diagonal 60 inches, will not have to think about the obsolescence of hardware stuffing smart TV. Special cable connecting the soundbar and TV panel is not chosen by chance. All electronics, including the CPU MStar 6A928, Mali 760 graphics and 2GB of RAM, enclosed in a housing soundbar.

What for? Yes, it is then that the user could change in the event of renewed iron not the entire TV as a whole, that the price of $ 800 does not look a very expensive, but quite unreasonable. Just Xiaomi will release a new soundbar for, say, a quarter of the price of the complete set. Disables the old plug in a new one and all: you have a very modern 4K-panel and the latest hardware which is only available on the market.