Siri will manage laptops and Apple Table fitting

Posted By on February 27, 2016

In June 2016 is published in OS X 10.12, code-named Fuji. One of the main innovations of this version of OSes, apparently, will be built-in virtual assistant Siri.

Siri Integration with OS X Apple began in 2012, after the assistant sat in iPhone 4s. In 2014, a patent was seen Apple «intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment.” And only now the company is ready to entrust to her their precious computers and laptops.

In OS X Siri system settles on the menu bar next to the clock. It can be caused by a combination of keys, press the assistant icon, or it will operate continuously if the computer is connected to the network. Siri on OS X will be able to open folders, search for files, launch applications, switch on / off / toggle the music, help with settings, to give tips, advice, work with search and still more.

As with any Apple innovation, the new position of Siri discussed much earlier than about her becoming known facing some details, so in the case are creations of craftsmen. So, the designer Salomon Aurelin demonstrated his concept works Siri in OS X:

Recall that increasing wait not only Siri. Windows’ovskaya Cortana is also moved to the desktop version of Windows 10. Given that its desktop version reworked even more serious than Siri and she knows a lot more than that to help run programs and search, at Cortana has one serious drawback – it is in no way can begin to understand the whole package of major languages of the planet.

So a virtual standoff assistants to the next level is not far off.