New details about the Apple iPhone 5se design

Posted By on February 26, 2016

Prior to the announcement of the new 4-inch smartphone Apple is a little more than two weeks, Apple presentation is scheduled for March 15. Some are waiting for the iPhone 5SE, others believe that it will be called 6c. But actually it does not change, small and powerful smartphone to be Apple.

From the manufacturer covers managed to get a picture of the future device. Telephone is similar to … iPhone 5s, which was shown in 2013, and he in turn copies the iPhone 5 2012. Great designers have worked, even if 4 years later still looks attractive.

Manufacturer covers also notes that the smartphone will get not as sharp edges, like the iPhone 5s. But at the same time they will not be so smooth as the iPhone 6.

iphone5seSo optimistic expectations of fans of Apple community, who are waiting for the small iPhone 6 may not come true. If Apple will show the familiar 5s, but with a new filling and software, you obradueshsya? All the same small, but more powerful phone. I really like this idea, for this mode to “shovel” Palm does not have time to grow.

One small detail: The power button has moved to the top end on the right side, so that the old case of the iPhone 5 to the new product will not work.

Stuffing borrow from the iPhone 6s: a very powerful processor and co-processor Apple A9 M9, support Live Photo, better camera, NFC for purchases via Apple Pay. It is expected that there will be two versions of memory on 16 and 64 GB, and even add color pink gold, which was not there before.

ip5se-1 ip5se-2 ip5se-3