MWC 2016. Sony stops to produce smartphones Xperia Z-series

Posted By on February 26, 2016

His first smartphone Sony Z-Series presented at CES 2013. Since then, the Japanese regularly updates its top-end lineup, releasing two full flagship of a year. Concept, it must be said, has been controversial: like you once bought a novelty, and after a few months already announce a more interesting device.

You again begin to lay a coin in the piggy bank, but already there is a new Xperia Z-series. In addition, Sony gave birth to a number of look-alike smartphones (though this is now who does not sin), that there is still an old Xperia Z1 can be found on sale. But after she had Z2, Z3, Z3 +, Z5, and that’s not counting the different models and Ultra Compact. And of course we can not forget the strange, but the first in the world with Z5 Premium 4K screen.

Now is the time line of Xperia X. This is what was told about this in Sony:

Xperia Z has reached the highest point of its development. Now Xperia X begins a new milestone in the history of Sony. If ideology was Xperia Z is dedicated to give the best of what came up in the world of Sony technologies, the Xperia X give their owners a new experience on the part of the camera, working time, performance and design.

Jun Makino, senior manager of product marketing for Sony Mobile

This here is the abstract reasoning, from which you can see that Sony will try to make your device even better. We wish the success of Japanese companies in these difficult times and wait for news.