Microsoft said “NO” Android-applications in Windows 10

Posted By on February 26, 2016

Build the conference last year, Microsoft announced four projects, enabling porting applications to different platforms Windows 10. so-called “Bridge» Project Astoria has been created for Android-developers, but now the company decided to abandon it and concentrate on the same instrument Project Islandwood for iOS-projects. In Microsoft convinced that two Windows Bridge technology for mobile operating systems are simply not needed and only create confusion. In any case, Project Astoria from the very beginning was doomed to failure.

Unlike other “bridges», Project Astoria anticipated launch of Android-application in the emulator. Such an embodiment substantially increases the load on the system, and full integration with the ecosystem of Windows 10 you can forget. Microsoft announced the closure of unpromising project the next day after the announcement of the purchase of a startup Xamarin, a product which allows you to develop cross-platform mobile applications based on a common code C #.

Now for the transfer of mobile applications on Windows 10, the company proposes to use the Project Islandwood or decision of Xamarin.