Founder Telegram spends on the project about $ 1 million per month

Posted By on February 26, 2016

Telegram founder Pavel Durov plans to find a business model for your messenger in the next two years, as long as he spends on a project about 1 million. Dollars a month. This he said in an interview with Fortune.

Currently there Telegram for money of its founder, without attracting foreign investments. Several venture capital funds offered to invest in the messenger, but their offers were rejected by Pavel Durov.

Among the possible monetization models Telegram team is considering the creation of services for the development of business through the messenger, which will be offered in exchange for a share of the revenue.


Monthly Telegram number of active users exceeded 100 million people.
During the period from May 2015 Telegram audience has grown by 38 million people. Every day when recorded 350 thousand. New users.
The total number of messages sent through the messenger, reached 15 billion per day.