Apple is suing the Russian customs

Posted By on February 26, 2016

Russian Customs not miss the smart clock at zero duty tax as a device for receiving and transmitting data, well, or as an accessory for a smartphone. Then something (or someone), it shuddered and she decided to skip the smart watch like a normal watch. This meant that each imported model will now be subject to 10% duty. This, of course, led to a rise in price of such devices in the Russian market, in particular Apple Watch rose from 7 to 17%. The World Customs Organization has opposed this decision, but Russian customs went to their partners of the Eurasian Economic Commission in order to persuade member countries to support the Russian Federation and had called together a smart watch watches (unprecedented audacity). And at the end of history it was announced penalties that will follow violations of import – from 50% to 200%.
So, at first it seemed that the equipment suppliers have reconciled with the laws of Russia and simply shifted the tax burden onto the shoulders of consumers. But it turned out that Apple’s, apparently, is not reconciled. LLC “Apple Rus” – the Russian representation of Apple, filed a lawsuit against the Federal Customs Service of Russia. Apple has sent 3 claim in two different court – the Arbitration Court of Moscow region against Sheremetyevo customs (a claim for recognition of decisions and actions (inactions) illegal) and another two lawsuits against the Central Customs Administration of the Federal Customs Service in the Moscow Arbitration Court.
Truth’s sake, the text of the statement of claim has not been disclosed, so the subject of the dispute can only guess, but the thing that is quite obvious, and no text.